Please be informed that the charges for the month of APRIL’19 are only TWENTY FOUR DAYS (24) days.
All prices are inclusive of Delivery & Oven Microwave Safe Container (价格包含了递送和微波炉盒)。
Chinese flavours cuisine, preparation non halal, delivery day is base on Monday – Friday only for Dinner Meal.


Payment Option (付款选项) :

  1. Cash On Delivery (现金) (Notify Us After Payment/付款后通知公司)
  2. Bank Transfer (户口转帐)(with Bank Transaction Slip/附上转账单张)

Dinner Package :(Calculation Of (24) Days In APR Exclude 1ST Of MAY)

Rm 240 / Pax1 Meats, 2 Veggies一肉两菜
Rm 264 / Pax2 Meats, 1 Veggies两肉一菜
Rm 288 / Pax3 Meats三肉
Rm 312 / Pax1 Meats, 3 Veggies一肉三菜
Rm 336 / Pax2 Meat, 2 Veggies两肉两菜
Rm 360 / Pax3 Meats, 1 Veggies三肉一菜
Rm 384 / Pax4 Meats四肉
Rm 36 / boxWhite Rice白饭

Remark :

Our catering consultants will contact you to confirm the order within 2 working days upon receiving your order.  If you do not hear from us,please contact or whats app to our hotline 018-2260660.  

Note :

  1. All Orders Must Be Submitted To Us 2 Days In Advance Before 5pm.
  2. If Company Has Not Received Any Orders,We Will Stop Out Delivery Service In Order To Avoid Unnecessary Disputes.
  3. All Payments Are Not Refundable.
  4. The Catering Fees Shall Be Paid Within Five Days Of Commence Date Start With Immediate Effect.
  5. Please Inform Us At Least A Day Earlier If Any Changes To The Orders,The Adjusted Fees Will Be Replaced Within A Month Only.
  6. The Catering Fee Of That Particular Day Will Be Forfeited If Cancelling Delivery On The Day Of Delivery.

注明 :

  1. 凡预定者必须提早两天前(五点前)呈交预订单给公司。
  2. 如本公司未收到任何预订单或预定通知将停止递送服务,为了避免不必要的理论。
  3. 付款项将不以现金作退还。
  4. 伙食费在即日起的五日内付款。
  5. 更改菜单/式或暂停递送当日伙食必须提早一天通知公司,伙食将另安排在即月补送回给顾客。
  6. 暂停递送当日伙食在当日通知公司,费用将会作废。

196 thoughts on “April 2019 Order”

    1. Yes Irene, June is 20days. RM200 is for 2 vege dishes and 1 meat dishes. To know which day you can expect delivery from us, download our form. To see the dishes for next month, please download the menu. Thank you.

  1. your dinner price is excluding rice or including rice? from the menu we can choose which meat & which vegetable? And the dishes have to inform thru emails? Can I start from 16/06/2017,
    Do you send the food to No: 6, Jalan 22/44C, 46300 Petaling Jaya?

    1. Hi wong,for monthly food delivery service package is not incl rice,only dishes.u can click in the order form then view the detail item meat and veg.any day u can start just inform us 1 or 2day in earlier.regarding ur area we got cover for dinner.

  2. Hi, do you do dinner delivery to Palm Spring Condo, 47810 Kota Damansara? If yes, what time will your usual delivery be?

    1. Regarding palm spring area we got delivery but is just leave at guardhouse only.roughly 4something 5pm will be arrived.thanks for ur inquiry.

      1. Do you currently have any orders in Palm Spring Condo? Just want to know if it is ok for the food to be left at Guardhouse while pending for me to collect it later.

  3. Hi. Do you do dinner delivery for just one week as I only require it from Monday 12 June till Friday 16 June next week x 3 pax

    Desa Parkcity

    1. Hi WSP,we only provide food delivery on working day, which is Monday to Friday excluding public holiday. You can download our form to check the available date for delivery. Thank you for your interest.

  4. Hi, do you cover delivery to Nova Saujana at Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang (opposite Ara Damnsara)? Thanks.

  5. Hi.

    Do you deliver to ken rimba section 16 shah alam. i do know its not on your list but just checking.

    Thank you

  6. Hi, i stayed in Koi Kinrara Condo, Puchong. May i know whether food will be sent to my doorstep, or it will be left at the guard house?

  7. Hi,
    I would like to have tiffin catering from July 2017 onwards for 2 pax at PJ Sterling Condo.
    Do you cover lunch menu as well? Where will you drop the dishes? at guard house or door to door?

  8. Hi , may i know if you make delivery to Bukit Jalil and what time will the food arrived ? I am staying in a gated guarded terrace house, will the food be sent to my house? Thank you.

  9. Hi, May I know if for USJ 14, apartment Court 7, what time the meals normally will be delivered? And do you have deliver service till doorstep?

  10. hi..
    i wld like to u deliver to kuchai lama since u r covering sri petaling, taman desa n taman gembira? cz kuchai is very near there..thanks.

  11. Hi there, I am staying at Gasing Indah but because work I won’t be in house until 630pm earliest..provided no jam. Can you send at 645 pm?

  12. Hi, can you deliver the dinners to Sunway Geo Residences, Bandar Sunway, 47500? If yes, roughly what will the delivery time be? Also, will there be extra charges for the delivery services?

  13. Hi, am staying in Setapak in a Condo and would like to know if my area is covered and also your delivery is door to door, right?
    I have checked a few delivery services they refuse to sent it up to my house.

  14. What time is your delivery time to Tropicana? Do you deliver to door step or leave it with the guard?
    And if I order 1 1/2 meal, is the portion enough for 2 adult, small eater?

    1. glad to hear from you,regarding ur side we got cover for dinner meal and for half pax we dont have it,just choose either one package we set in out webpage only.for the price list there is for 1pax adult portion,u can try it out for minimum 10days.

  15. Hi, Do you deliver to SS3 Petaling Jaya?
    Around what time will the food arrive?
    How do I go about ordering? Do I just email the form?
    Thank you.

  16. Hi,

    The order must be full month? can it be 2nd half mth for June 2018? If yes, how much will charge? Thanks.

  17. Hi, I would like to ask if 5 people want to order, how do we order?
    5 people have to order the same food on everyday or 5 people can have each
    different food?
    If we want to order on this week, which day will you start to send the food?
    For the price of 1 meat 2 vege RM210, it is for 21 days.
    If we want to start order soon, how will you charge?
    You can call me or whatsapp me at 012 312 9798

      1. my location is A-16-09, Atmosfera Condo, Jalan Pipit 4, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, 47170.
        If we want to choose different food, how can we fill it the form?

  18. Hi, Do you provide delivery to Bandar Manjalara? It is nearby Desa Parkcity.
    Besides that, do you provide pre-packed lunch on weekends?

  19. Hi. Do you deliver to Damansara Perdana Area, Metropolitan Square Condo. What time the food will arrive?
    And i only need every week for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
    Can only order for that 4 days?

  20. Hi, i would like to try out initially for 10 days.

    can i order from 29th October to 9th November?
    do you deliver to ara damansara area? around what time will your delivery reach there?


      1. thank you for your prompt response. But your form and previous comment response states 10 days minimum. has that been changed?

  21. Do you deliver to Bandar Saujana Putra? If not, how about the below :
    1) puchong indah
    2) Kinrara industrial park (office)
    How is the delivery time for dinner?

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